Me time!

I've said this before and I'll say it again...and again and again. I think it's so important for moms to make time for themselves. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband and family to love and care for Santi when I need some girl time.

I recently spent 3 nights in Alexandria, VA visiting my bestie Lindsay and her sweet family. I consider these trips "research," because her daughter Eva is only 8 months older than Santi. It's fascinating to see all the things Eva is doing and saying. It certainly helps prepare me for Santi's next phases.

We packed a lot of adventures into my short visit: Air & Space museum, American History museum, sea glass hunting, wine tasting and of course hours of girl talk. There is nothing that can soothe the soul like a first class flight, wine tasting, girl talk and a bed to yourself. Hah! Did I just type that?! But it's true! A little "me time" goes a long way.