Cardiology Check Up

It's hard to believe it has been 1 year since Santi had the Fontan, his third open heart surgery. Santi has recovered beautifully from his surgery and his heart function is excellent. Words every heart family longs to hear. We are down to annual cardiology visits, which is also phenomenal for a young HLHSer. Santi's highlight to our (4 hour!) appointment, was getting this cool Hot Wheels car carrier. It certainly helped us get through the last hour of waiting around. We were sent home in a Holter Monitor (24 hour EKG) which is pretty standard. Santi will wear it for a day, then I mail it back to the doctor and they read his heart rhythms. My little trooper did great today and we are  happy to hear his heart is doing well!

November 2014  One year ago, Santiago recovering from the Fontan

November 2014

One year ago, Santiago recovering from the Fontan


Oh Disneyland! We haven't been since Joaquin was born, (a mere 5 months ago!) So we were all feeling a little Disney fever and had to get our fix! It's funny what they say about the second child. Before kids we'd say, "we're not going until they're 5 years old. It will be such a hassle and they won't appreciate it or even remember..." We held out taking Santi until he was 2 and a half. He LOVED it and talked about it long after his first magical visit. And here's Joaquin, my second child, visiting Disneyland at Five. Months. Old. Look at his face, he loved it. He won't remember, but I will. 

First Day of Preschool

What an exciting milestone! Santi is starting preschool!!

Starting school was the biggest motivator for Santi to get out of diapers. We visited the school over the summer so he could check it out, get to know the teachers and play in the classroom. He kept asking when he could go back to "that fun place." I told him that diapers weren't allowed at school and if he wanted to go, he'd have to use the potty all the time. Done!

When I walked him in on the first day, Santi asked me, with hesitation in his voice, "Mommy, are you staying with me today?" "No, sweetheart." I said, softly. "Mommies aren't allowed to stay." I reached out for a hug, anticipating his tears...there were no tears to be seen. He smiled. He smiled, big! His face told me everything. The excitement of freedom, independence and new friends filled him with so much joy. My Santi is ready for this!