Mud Run

When Santi was 6 months old, I joined Stroller Strides. To be honest, I thought it would be an easy workout, with lame moms and obnoxious kids. Luckily for me, it's not like that at all!!

I've been going 2-3 times a week since last October and I absolutely love it. I always look forward to class. The routes and workouts are as challenging as you make them and the other moms and kids are awesome. Santi and I are so lucky to be part of this strong, supportive community.

A group of 15 of us signed up to do the "World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run!" We had a blast! It was a hilly 10k (6.2 miles) with muddy obstacles. We finished as a complete team in 1:27. Pretty good for a bunch of Mama's!

How cute are our shirt?! Abe printed them!

Washington DC

I just returned from a mini vacation up to Washington DC to visit the Littles! We had such a great time seeing the sights. Santi stayed home with Abe, while I got a few days to recharge and get inspired by Lindsay and Eva.

Eva is a year and a half now, I can't believe it! She is so smart, independent and well spoken, sweet and fun to be around. She loves reading books with Lindsay, eating oatmeal and giving kisses to her frog, Ribbet. Watching Lindsay mother her is a huge inspiration and motivator for me. They are my model of what a parent toddler relationship can be. And it makes me excited for what's right around the corner for Santi.


Today was rainy, so we went to Melissa's house for some indoor playtime. Kaison is just over 4 months old. He and Santi are 6 months apart (just like Melissa and I!)

When I see them play together I can't help but imagine them as teenagers, being loud, rowdy and causing trouble. I know the years will fly by, we will be there in a blink. So I have to stop myself and soak up these precious moments. They are so small and so sweet. They recognize each other, smile and try to touch each others faces, it's the cutest! Friends for life. ❤


Carnegie Building

Around the same time that we moved to LA, Abe was offered an awesome opportunity to do multiple installations at a new apartment building in downtown San Diego. I say "new" but it is actually a 100 year old building that has been renovated by a very influential developer.

Last week, when we were in town, Santi and I got to see Community @ The Carnegie Building for the first time. Abe's art is on all 5 floors and on the exterior of the building. It's so gorgeous. The community essence of the building is awesome too. They have chalk boards on every level (so fun!), and nice lounge nooks throughout the property. I bet the tenants love the homey, uniqueness of this building.

A quick trip home

We spent the past few days at home in Carlsbad. My parents have been watching Stella for the past month. They have two adorable Bischons, Tanner and Marley, that Stella loves to boss around. When we picked Stella up, Santi showed interest in the dogs for the first time. He pulled Marelys' hair and Marely licked Santi's hands...which I was quick to sanitize!

My best friend Melissa is due with her first son and Santi's future BFF on my birthday, August 27! Okay, not really. She's due on August 28, but we can pretend like she's due on my birthday. Doesn't she look amazing for being 9+ months pregnant! Santi can't wait to meet Kaison!

Music & Friends

We went home to Carlsbad for what was suppose to be a few days and stayed for a week and a half! There truly is no place like home!

While we were there I took Santi for his first trip to the beach. I met up with my lovely friend Anika and we did our usual walk down the coast in Cardiff By The Sea. I forgot to take a photo (mom fail) but trust me, he loved it.

We also learned that Santi LOVES the guitar. One morning he was being a little fussfuss so Abe grabbed his guitar and started to play. Santi froze in silence. He was mesmerized. It was so cute. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, we tried it a few more times and every time he was just captivated by the music.

Santi also met his first baby friend! Sweet Penny Rae is just six weeks old. She was stylin' in her Orbit stroller. Her mom Tina, my bestie Melissa (who's due in August) and I met for lunch at Sammy's. Both babies did great, no fussing or crying. Just sweet little angel babies.

Cliff and Andreas' Wedding

Abe has been friends with Cliff and Andrea since childhood. I have truly enjoyed getting to know them over the years. When they first started wedding planning I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go...I thought I'd either be too pregnant or be at the hospital with my HLHS baby. Luckily for me the timing was perfect. Cliff and Drea got married on February 18 in Santa Fe, NM. We were able to coordinate my El Paso shower and the road trip back to CA with a mini vacation in Santa Fe to celebrate with them.

The wedding was so gorgeous! It was held at La Posada. They married in the presence of 75 people, mostly family with a few select friends. I'm so honored that we were among the select friends! These two are special, we are so lucky to have them in our lives!

Seriously, who wears Louboutins when they're 8.5 months pregnant?!    ....I guess I do!