Guilt Trip

Why is it, that as a mom, you can't do anything for yourself without feeling guilty?

While we were in EP, I needed some "me" time. A short get-a-way. I called my BFF (of 20+ years!) Lindsay in Kansas City and she said, come on over! She even offered her pack n' play and old car seat so Santi could come. But this trip was just for me. Abe is the best dad in the world and I knew he could handle a couple nights on his own. Plus, his parents are so helpful and always just a phone call away.

So I packed up my pump and set off to KC. Nothing makes me feel more like myself than traveling. I love everything about it. Naturally, I missed my loves like crazy, but I wasn't worried, not for one second. And honestly, I didn't even feel guilty about leaving. What's wrong with me? I'm suppose to feel guilty for leaving my son. But I didn't and I still don't.

As a mother, (especially heart moms!) it is so important to take time for yourself...without feeling guilty about it. Workout, get a massage, meet a friend for dinner, take a short trip! The better you feel, the better you make everyone around you feel. Everyone wins. Happy mama, happy daddy, happy bebe! I came back after my 48 hours away feeling recharged and more like my formerly independent self!

Yes! That is a ^MIMOSA^

I had an amazing time with the Littles. Their sweet Eva is 16 months and so, SO bright. Her vocabulary and comprehension just blew me away. Spending time with her gave me a beautiful glimpse of what's ahead for Santi and I.


Here comes the Bride!

...and there goes the Aguilars! On to the next leg of our road trip. We drove out to Fredericksburg, TX for my sisters wedding.

But not so fast...before we could leave, we had get Mr. Santi a new car seat! Because he's growing like a weed! He loves it.

The wedding was gorgeous! It was held at a bed and breakfast called Trois Estate. Santi got to meet lots of his TX family and we all had a great time. The day after the wedding was the wine festival, an event that's become a family tradition over the past few years.

We did the drive back to El Paso (8 hours) in one shot. Santi does great in the car for long periods of time as long as someone is back there with him. Now we'll be in El Paso, enjoying time with Abe's family for a couple of weeks.

Santi's First road-trip

We packed up and headed east for the next few weeks. Santiago helped me pack! The drive to El Paso is about 11 hours, so we broke it up by staying in Tucson the first night (Santi's first hotel stay). We continued on to El Paso the next day and were welcomed by a gorgeous EP sunset and a place of our own for when we visit. We now have an EP apartment that Abe's mom furnished SO BEAUTIFULLY!


Carnegie Building

Around the same time that we moved to LA, Abe was offered an awesome opportunity to do multiple installations at a new apartment building in downtown San Diego. I say "new" but it is actually a 100 year old building that has been renovated by a very influential developer.

Last week, when we were in town, Santi and I got to see Community @ The Carnegie Building for the first time. Abe's art is on all 5 floors and on the exterior of the building. It's so gorgeous. The community essence of the building is awesome too. They have chalk boards on every level (so fun!), and nice lounge nooks throughout the property. I bet the tenants love the homey, uniqueness of this building.

A quick trip home

We spent the past few days at home in Carlsbad. My parents have been watching Stella for the past month. They have two adorable Bischons, Tanner and Marley, that Stella loves to boss around. When we picked Stella up, Santi showed interest in the dogs for the first time. He pulled Marelys' hair and Marely licked Santi's hands...which I was quick to sanitize!

My best friend Melissa is due with her first son and Santi's future BFF on my birthday, August 27! Okay, not really. She's due on August 28, but we can pretend like she's due on my birthday. Doesn't she look amazing for being 9+ months pregnant! Santi can't wait to meet Kaison!

Lake Hollywood Dog Park

Stella and I explored this morning and found the Lake Hollywood Dog Park. I've always been a sucker for "Hollywood" especially the iconic sign. What a neat dog park!

When I was little, growing up in Texas, I used to tell people I was from Hollywood! In reality I had never even been to California! I guess on some level I knew I'd get here someday...I just thought it would be under more glamorous circumstances :)


Cliff and Andreas' Wedding

Abe has been friends with Cliff and Andrea since childhood. I have truly enjoyed getting to know them over the years. When they first started wedding planning I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go...I thought I'd either be too pregnant or be at the hospital with my HLHS baby. Luckily for me the timing was perfect. Cliff and Drea got married on February 18 in Santa Fe, NM. We were able to coordinate my El Paso shower and the road trip back to CA with a mini vacation in Santa Fe to celebrate with them.

The wedding was so gorgeous! It was held at La Posada. They married in the presence of 75 people, mostly family with a few select friends. I'm so honored that we were among the select friends! These two are special, we are so lucky to have them in our lives!

Seriously, who wears Louboutins when they're 8.5 months pregnant?!    ....I guess I do!

The El Paso Baby Shower

As promised, here are photos from the gorgeous shower my mother-in-law threw for me and Santiago in El Paso on February 12. My extended family lives in Texas and I was so thrilled to have my aunts, grandmother, mother and cousin come to El Paso to celebrate.

The shower had a Heart/Valentines theme representing both the time of year and my HLHS baby. Everything about the shower was so wonderful and thoughtful. Delicious food, lot's of sweets, stunning decor and most importantly family and friends showering us with love and support!



The Grandest of all the Canyons

We arrived at the Grand Canyon at 10:30am. The air was a chilly 37 degrees, snow still scattered the ground and hardly anyone had ventured into the park yet. This is by far the best time of year to see the majestic canyon. We wandered along the south rim, photographing the incredible landscape and pondering what it must have been like for the first settlers to discover this greatness. Truly magnificent!


BELLYSHOTS- 35 weeks = 8 months & 3 weeks

Santa Fe, New Mexico

We have had such a great time in Santa Fe! The wedding was gorgeous, I'll post pictures when we get home later this week.

There is so much to see and do in this beautiful city. We went to the Loretto Chapel and saw the "miraculous staircase." A staircase that was built in the 1800's without nails. It has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries. No one knows how it was built or how it is still standing.

A friend of my dads is a co-owner of The Santa Fe Brewing Co. We met up with him and got a private tour of the brewery. I let Abe do the tasting.

We also drove up to Chimayo and visited the sacred chapel. There is a room in the church that has a hole in the floor where you can take the sacred healing dirt. We took a little bit and bought a small heart shaped vessel and filled it with the dirt. Our time in the chapel was very special and we said prayers for our baby Santiago.